1. What is BonSpero?

BonSpero is a centre for treatment of Bone and Joint disorders (also called Musculoskeletal disorders) , arising out of various causes.It can be as a result of aging process , work related , sports injuries or even pregnancy.

2. How is it different from Physiotherapy?

BonSpero Functional rehabilitation (BFR) program is an advancement of the traditional elements of physiotherapy. BFR imparts strength, flexibility, enhances agility and improves kinesthetic performance. It enables you to participate at pre-injury levels of activity in everyday life, work or sports, while reducing the risk of recurrent injury.

3. Can all problems be treated non surgically at BonSpero?

Most of the musculoskeletal problems do not require surgical intervention if diagnosed early , treated appropriately and adequately.At BonSpero we specialise in the diagnosis , treatment and Prevention of these ailments and we provide nonsurgical and minimally invasive solutions.

4. Do I need doctors prescription for treatment?

Absolutely not.At Bonspero, Our team of Rehab consultants are trained to handle you with care giving the correct guidelines,educating and helping you take a informed decision.We have our own panel of Medical Specialists like Orthopaedic Surgeons , Neurosurgeons , Neurophysicians etc., who guide us in giving quick recovery.

5. Are these treatments Painful and do they have any side effects?

No.These treatments are totally pain free and safe.Some times even the requirement of unnecessary medications and pain killers can be avoided with treatment at BonSpero.

6. Can these treatments be done for all ages?

Age no bar.The rehabilitation solutions are for all age groups depending on the nature of the problem and what treatment is prescribed.

7. What is work related Musculoskeletal disorders?

When we work and overexert , stretch beyond our performance limits, consistently over a continuous perod of time,we experience overfatigue of our muscles , ligaments and bones.

This is predominantly seen in certain professionals like software engineers , workers engaged in manifacturing industry etc.Early detection and appropriate treatment of these ailments will reduce disability and enhance productivity.

At BonSpero we have rehabilitated many with these ailments and we also undertake corporate education and training programs as a part our social responsibility.

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