Why Bonspero

Unique Wellness Approach

BonSpero is the first of its kind facility in the country focusing exclusively on orthopedic problems from a wellness point of view and one of the best institutions for orthopedic wellness concept.

Non-Invasive Treatments

BonSpero takes a Non-operative and multimodality approach for musculoskeletal rehabilitation. We try to avoid surgery on patients, so that the chances of acquiring a disability after operation are eliminated. It is the last resort we recommend when other less invasive modalities are not effective.

Experience & Expertise with Dedicated Patient Care

We give our patients the privilege of elaborate interactions/consultations with our experienced team before starting any treatment. We start the treatment only after a patient is fully convinced of the same.

Bonspero is well staffed with well trained medical resources that ensure dedicated attention to each patient.

When you visit Bonspero you have made a friend for life!

Education and awareness

At BonSpero we believe in taking an Educative approach to treating our patients, so that they can take informed decisions. We believe that the healing process is holistic and has relevance to the mind as much as to the body.

We don't want our patients being forced into decisions because of fear of the unknown. So we educate our patients of their ailments and the possible prevention/cure through interactive counseling and video sessions.

Televisions with health and educational programs add to the information given to the patients.

We also provide total transparency with our patients and keep them fully updated of their progress during the treatment period.


Our goal is to provide access to world-class Orthopedic Wellness care at an affordable cost. Wellness is no longer a privilege of the wealthy. We at BonSpero have countered this conception and proved it wrong. Patients coming from all the classes can have access to our facilities.

Innovating Technologies

We constantly keep upgrading ourselves to the latest be it infrastructure, equipments or medical procedures so that we give our patients an accurate as well as informative diagnosis and the best-in-class treatment therefore.

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